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Garden State Flower Cooperative Preorder Project

Dec 2020 - May 2022

Problem Statement

I was hired by the Garden State Flower Cooperative to conduct user experience research and redesign their existing pre-ordering system for their weekly markets. After conducting interviews, a journey map and a participatory design session, I implemented, designed, and tested a new mobile-friendly preordering system, increasing user engagement and overall preorders by over 200%.

Preliminary UI/UX Research

I led a comprehensive user experience research initiative for the co-op's pre-order process, employing qualitative UX research techniques that involved engaging flower growers and florists through interviews. To gain deeper insights, I crafted a detailed journey map of their experience and facilitated a participatory design session to foster collaboration.

Garden State Flower Cooperative Journey Map
GSFC Journey Map

Old Preorder System

Previously, growers and buyers utilized a shared Google Sheet to add inventory and place preorders for the upcoming market day.

Old Garden State Flower Cooperative Preorder System
Old Garden State Flower Cooperative Preorder System

New Preorder System

Armed with valuable insights and recommendations, I spearheaded the implementation of an advanced mobile pre-ordering system. This innovative solution enables florists and buyers to effortlessly add inventory and place pre-orders for the upcoming market day, all from the convenience of any mobile device. We also empowered growers to manage and fulfill orders on-the-go, thanks to a user-friendly interface accessible on their phones.s

New features include:

New Garden State Flower Cooperative Preorder System
New Garden State Flower Cooperative Preorder System


After the preliminary research was conducted and the new preorder system was rolled out, three virtual training sessions were conducted with the following documentation delivered to the GSFC's stakeholders: