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Hi, I'm Corbet

I'm a Business Systems Analyst, Project Manager, and UI/UX Wiz who coordinates projects for Ford's Bronco-related digital platforms & experiences.

With over 10 years of experience in software & web development, I am passionate about giving users a voice at every step of the development process. My colleagues would describe me as Resourceful and a Team Player.

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Business Systems Analyst

Oct 2023 - Present

Currently, I work on Ford's Bronco-related digital experiences, where I coordinate, plan, and execute projects, including working with Ford IT leads and their development team to deliver new features and experiences for Bronco customers across their entire digital platform.

I also gather requirements specifications and write acceptance criteria while acting as a liaison between Ford leadership and my Development team to ensure that both business and customer needs were taken into consideration.

Course Assistant

Jan 2024 - Apr 2024

Recently, I worked with a team of Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), Instructional Aides (IAs), and the Professor in standardizing the grading criteria and teaching methodology for a 250-student Needs Assessment & Usability Evaluation course, ensuring a consistent and high-quality learning experience based on continuous student feedback and refinement.

I also graded, reviewed, and provided insight to students on a wide range of a usability assignments throughout the semester, including personas and scenarios, competitive analysis, observations, surveys, interviews, data analysis, heuristic evaluations, usability testing, journey maps, and more.

Business Systems Analyst - Delivery

Aug 2021 - June 2023

I worked on various Ford-related initiatives, where I planned, documented, and executed projects for the Delivery & UI/UX Strategy team to deliver new digital experiences for Ford dealers and customers across their entire ecosystem.

During my tenure at VML, I planned and executed targeted customer experiences with Adobe Experience and Target, including A/B testing digital marketing campaigns to better understand user needs and help drive revenue.

Project Manager

Dec 2020 - May 2022

I spearheaded the design, implementation, and testing of a highly intuitive and mobile-friendly preordering system, leveraging a diverse range of user experience methodologies to gather valuable insights. Armed with these findings, I implemented a new preordering process, enhancing it from both a B2B and B2C standpoint, increasing user engagement and propelling preorder sales to over 200% year over year.

Business Analyst & UI/UX Strategist

Jan 2020 - Aug 2020

I led a comprehensive user experience research initiative for the co-op's pre-order process, employing qualitative UX research techniques that involved engaging flower growers and florists through interviews. To gain deeper insights, I crafted a detailed journey map of their experience and facilitated a participatory design session to foster collaboration.

Armed with these valuable insights and recommendations, I spearheaded the implementation of an advanced mobile pre-ordering system. This innovative solution enables florists and buyers to effortlessly add inventory and place pre-orders for the upcoming market day, all from the convenience of any mobile device. We also empowered growers to manage and fulfill orders on-the-go, thanks to a user-friendly interface accessible on their phones.

Business Systems Analyst

Aug 2014 - Oct 2018

While at Thomson, I designed, prototyped, and tested new software features for the Accounting CS software suite. I also wrote and implemented end-to-end quality assurance testing plans and collaborated with dozens of international colleagues remotely to ensure our software was free of bugs. Lastly, I wrote and executed complex SQL queries on large data sets for our clients and internal teams.



University of Michigan

Master of Science in Information
Graduated 2020 | GPA: 3.91
I majored in User Experience Research and Design, which allowed me to partner with clients to conduct human-centered design research, including journey maps, diary studies, wireframing, prototyping, surveys, A/B testing, participatory design, usability testing, thematic analysis, focus groups, and interviews.

In my Mobile Innovation Development class, I lead the mobile app development of my Lil Library idea from initial concept to reality, where we created a mobile application in Java using Android Studio.

University of Toledo

Bachelors of Business Administration
Graduated 2010
Marketing & Sales


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